Wii Zapper 2-pack Non-OEM

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Product Code: Zapper for Nintendo Wii
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.Compatible with the Call of Duty series, The Conduit, Dead Space: Extraction, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and many other first-person shooter games for the Wii.
.Add more realism to first-person shooter games with this Zapper attachment.
.Firm grip support minimizes hand fatigue
.White Color, matches your Wii remote and Wii console

What's in the package
.Two Non-OEM Wii Zapper (Wii Remote and Nunchuck not included)

.An important measure for good accessory is whether it adds to the gaming experience or not. This one certain does. Not only is this more comfortable than holding a Wiimote naked or jacketed, the gun itself is just fun. Built with durable ABS plastic, this gun's got a decent weight to it and will certainly last the same if not longer than your other Wii accessories.
.Getting the Wiimote into the gun really isn't any problem at all. Just take off any jacket or sleeve your Wiimote may be wearing, and slip it in.
.Every function of the Wiimote is available when in the gun. Players can even navigate the Wii menu with the Wiimote in the gun thanks to an IR port on the front of the gun

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