CISS CIS & extra Set Ink 48 For Epson Stylus Photo R300

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Continuous Ink Supply System CISS for EPSON Printer

Compatable Printers

  Epsons Stylus Photo

  R200 R220 R300 R320 R340 RX500 RX600



Cartridge Numbers

  T0481 (BLACK)


  T0483 (MAGENTA)

  T0484 (YELLOW)

  T0485 (LIGHT CYAN)



  Ink Specifications

• Dye Based Ink

• High Quality

• UV Resistant

• 100ml per color



• You may need to modify your printer

• Auto Reset Chips are designed to work with any compatable printer, regardless of its manufacture date.

• Sponge-less cartridge prevents ink from drying up

• Prefilled with 100ml of high quality ink

• ISO 9001 Certified

• Refillable - Save $$$ by never having to purchase another ink cartridge again!

• Environmentally friendly - You'll never have to throw away another cartridge again!

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